We are thrilled to announce that ALL attendees of the High Alpha Summit & Neville Advisors College are eligible for a scholarship that will cover 100% of your registration fee by completing the requirements listed below. Upon registration you will not be required to pay this fee. However, if you register before the December 1 deadline and do not attend the event, you are not eligible to meet the scholarship requirements and your Chapter will be billed $1700. 

High Alpha Summit
Scholarship Requirements

  • -Register by December 1
  • -Attend 100% of the event
  • -Create your LambdaOnline Account
  • -Enroll (solo or cohort) and complete the Leadership Ready track   in Lambda Chi Academy by February 29, 2024.

**After December 1, your Chapter will no longer meet the scholarship requirement, and your Chapter will be billed if you are in attendance of the event or not.

Neville Advisor's College Scholarship Requirements

  1. -Register by December 1
  2. -Attend 100% of the event
  3. -Create your LambdaOnline Account
  4. -Complete the Birkman Assessment prior to the start of the conference.
  5. -Complete the Volunteer Application/Background Check


Who do participants contact if they have additional questions? 

You can contact the Conference Planning Team at events@lambdachi.org or call the Office of Administration Team via 317-872-8000