Frequently Asked Questions 


What is the High Alpha Summit & Neville Advisor’s College? 

The High Alpha Summit & Neville Advisor’s College is a three-day gathering of Chapter and Associate Chapter presidents and advisors within Lambda Chi Alpha. You should plan to stay through the 6th with the 7th being your travel day, so you do not miss any programming. Participants will learn the fundamentals of being the Chief Executive Officer and Advisor for their respective Chapters or Associate Chapters. Training will emphasize leadership, ethics, operations management, external relations, and risk management. 

Who is invited to the conference? 

All Chapter and Associate Chapter Presidents and Volunteer Advisors who are (or will be) in office as of January 1, 2024, are invited to the conference. They must be able to attend the entire conference and be willing to learn and grow as a leader. If a High Alpha cannot attend, a proxy may attend in their place. 

Where is the conference, and when do participants need to arrive/depart? 

The Summit will be held at the JW Marriott Indianapolis. Participants should plan to arrive no later than 5:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, January 4, and plan to leave no earlier than Sunday AM on January 7. 

What will the participants be doing at the conference? 
The conference features various presentations from speakers from the Grand High Zeta, Office of Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha’s premiere partners, and Alumni from the corporate world. Participants will learn together in both large and small group sessions, which will allow for freedom of discussion and balanced participation from attendees. The bonding that occurs among small groups is a byproduct of learning, and many participants will stay connected beyond the conference.

Participants will take what they have learned throughout the first day with them into Saturday and apply it as they play The Chapter Challenge. The Challenge is a first-of-its-kind learning experience designed to simulate how to run a local Chapter. Participants will work together to apply their learning and improve operations at Psi-Psi Zeta. 

What is the dress code for the conference? 

General session and small group session attendance is business casual. The final banquet is business professional. For examples of what this is, click here


When are participants able to register for the conference and what is the cost? 

Registration will go live on October 26, 2023. This year you are eligible to obtain a scholarship to offset the registration fee. The scholarship covers the participant's lodging, select meals, and program materials. There will be no initial cost for you to register for the event. However, after the event, if it has been deemed that you did not meet the scholarship requirements, your chapter will be billed $1700 to cover the cost of your attendance. Please find scholarship information below.

High Alpha Summit Scholarship Requirements:

  • -Attend 100% of the event
  • -Register by December 1, 2023
  • -Create your LambdaOnline account
  • -Enroll (solo or cohort) and complete Leadership Ready by February 29, 2024

Neville Advisor's College Scholarship Requirements:

If High Alphas or Advisors do not register by December 1, they will no longer be eligible to meet the scholarship requirements and will see registration fees added to their Chapter's spring semester bill. If you register after December 1, hotel rooming space is subject to availability. If you have any questions, please email or call 317-872-8000. 

What if Officer elections are scheduled after registration closes? What does this mean for scholarship requirements?

Unfortunately, since a headcount is needed for final preparations, the deadline is set. But if the Chapter or Associate Chapter will be electing a new High Alpha who will be taking office in December or January, we encourage the Chapter or Associate Chapter to elect the new High Alpha before the registration deadline. The High Alpha-elect will not need to take office immediately following his elections, but he will have a chance to sign up for the Summit and hold their Chapter's spot to take advantage of this educational opportunity. 

For the scholarship requirements, your designated officer onsite should be the one responsible to attend 100% of the event. For the creation of account & Leadership Ready, the elected High Alpha should be responsible to complete these requirements.

What is the cancellation policy? 

If for some reason you need to cancel your attendance, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing If you cancel after December 20, 2023, there will be a $200 cancellation fee. The fraternity will not be responsible for your canceled airfare. No changes can be made after January 1, 2024. 

What do I do, if I need to change my information after I register? 

You can contact the Conference Planning Team at or call the Office of Administration Team via 317-872-8000. 



What airport do participants use if they’re planning to travel by air? 

All flights should arrive at the Indianapolis International Airport (Airport Code: IND). Participants will need to utilize Uber, Lyft, and other ride-share services to be shuttled to the hotel. 

What time should I plan to arrive if I am driving to the conference? 

Check-in and registration for participants will begin at 1:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, January 4, 2024. We have a discounted self-parking option at the hotel. Please email for additional information.

Is travel reimbursement being provided? 

Unfortunately, travel reimbursements will not be provided. 

Do participants need to reserve their own hotel room or book their own travel arrangements?
Participants will not need to make their own hotel reservations. Rooming accommodations from Thursday night to Sunday morning are included with your registration. All participants will share a double-bed room with another participant during the Summit. Undergraduates will room with fellow undergraduates, and Alumni will room with fellow Alumni. Single rooms for Alumni registrants can be provided on a first come, first served basis for a nominal additional cost.

Each participant is responsible for his own travel to and from Indianapolis. If travel arrangements require participants to arrive on Wednesday night, participants are responsible for finding their own lodging accommodation for the night. 


Who do participants contact if they have additional questions? 

You can contact the Conference Planning Team at or call the Office of Administration Team via 317-872-8000