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Prior to arriving in Indianapolis, we are recommending that all attendees complete the High Alpha "Leading Teams" track of the newly launched Leadership Skills Certification Academy. This training is:

  • On-demand and will only take a matter of hours, not weeks, to complete
  • The critical onboarding step for new officers
  • The building blocks for the conference and provides the support and training you need to be successful 

3 Easy Steps to Complete

Step 1: Learn About the Program

Download and review the Leadership Skills Certification Academy one-sheeter to learn more about this new program.
Leadership Skills One-Sheeter

Step 2: Log In to Complete the Training

Access your LambdaOnline account. Once logged in, click on the "Leadership Skills" item in the top navigation bar to complete the "Leading Teams" training. Haven't claimed your account? Click on the "get help" button for additional support.
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Step 3: Claim Your Certification

Once you've completed your training, share with your network! Learn how to claim your digital credential from Credly, how to update your Linkedin profile and more.
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Featured Program Launching 

The Leadership Skills Certification Academy is an online training program and digital credentialing tool designed to bridge the gap between college and career.