Help Us Create a Safe and Enjoyable Fraternity Experience.

Studies show that parents continue to positively influence their children well past college, so we believe that talking openly about these issues and checking in on your student throughout the school year is imperative. Lambda Chi Alpha provides training and works with chapter leaders to encourage brother-to-brother conversations about the obligations and expectations of membership. The following resources are available to your student, and for you to use in guiding these conversations. 

Alcohol Handbook
Dr. Rob Turrisi of Pennsylvania State University developed a resource by compiling information from parents, students, and the scientific community about how to talk to college students about alcohol.
Lambda Chi Alpha's partnership with the Jed Foundation provides our members, and their loved ones access to mental health support resources. Ask your student if his chapter has a "You Can Help a Friend" program.
Help My Friend Program
If your student is worried that a friend is struggling emotionally, use these JED tips and tools to help them recognize a problem, start a conversation, and follow through with support. If this program isn't currently at their chapter, they can request it!
Chapter Support Team
Lambda Chi Alpha's Chapter Support & Wellness team is here to support your student and their chapter members. They are your first point of contact for questions related to the health and safety of our men. Click the button below to contact the Director of Chapter Support & Wellness, Jessica Ashton.
Incident Reporting
Lambda Chi Alpha aims to identify the root cause of all concerns and incidents. If something about their fraternity experience does not seem right, please use this form to report information for us to investigate. All submitted reports are reviewed with discretion.
Resource Guide
Help Your College Student Engage in a Safe and Enjoyable Fraternal Experience. This is a resource guide provided by our insurance broker, Favor & Company, to support parents/caregivers as they help their children navigate the current higher education environment.
Find comfort in being part of your student’s fraternal experience.
We want every parent to feel comfortable being part of their student’s fraternal experience. In the following videos, we have included essential information about fraternal organizations and what our expectations are for members of Lambda Chi Alpha.


Celebrating 50 Years of Being the First to Abolish Pledging.

In 1972, the term “Associate Member” replaced the term “Pledge” when referring to a new member of Lambda Chi Alpha. Associate membership allowed new members voting rights in chapter matters and the ability to run for officer positions, unlike other fraternities at the time. We then became the first fraternity to abolish pledging to promote an anti-hazing culture in its chapters.


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