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Invest in Your Career

The Leadership Skills Certification Academy is an online training program and digital credentialing tool designed to bridge the gap between college and career. The program combines professional development resources, functional training, real-world tools, and relevant aspects of the Fraternity leadership experience into marketable skills that appeal to prospective employers.

Program Goals

Officer Ready

Equips Brothers with the necessary training to help them be effective in their officer roles to lead chapters.

Career Ready

Equips Brothers with the marketable tools and credentials employers want to see.

Life Ready

Transforms your Fraternity experience by providing the tools and confidence you need to succeed.

Four Learning Journeys Offered

Leading Teams
(Good for the Chapter President). Learn the necessary skills to lead your chapter. This learning journey includes how to lead, how to communicate vision and goals, situational leadership and coaching, and resilience.
Essentials in Finance
(Good for the Chapter Treasurer) Learn the necessary skills to manage your chapter budget. This learning journey includes cost behaviors, financial awareness, budgeting, cost/benefits analysis and breakeven analysis.
Recruitment & Sales
(Good for the Chapter Recruitment Chair) Learn the necessary skills to promote and grow your chapter. This learning journey includes relationship building, mining and prospecting, creating and driving a recruitment pipeline, and effective listening.
Social Responsibility
(Good for the Chapter Philanthropic Chair) Learn the necessary skills to fulfill your chapter’s philanthropic goals. This learning journey includes fundraising fundamentals, cultivating donor relationships, fundraising event management and planning, and public relations.
LSCA One Sheeter
Learn More About Each Journey
Download the Leadership Skills Certification Academy program guide to learn about each journey, the competencies mastered, the outcomes, the digital badge credential awarded, and get a sample of the learning module.

Badge Recognition

The following members are recognized for earning a digital badge for completing their respective learning journeys. These badges signify to potential employers the valuable skills and lessons learned through each journey and allow our members to have something tangible to add to their social media profiles as a way to stand out from the competition.

Leading Teams:

Jonathan Abraham
Luke Anderson
Stephen Backer
Xavier Bardwell
Connor Barnett
Frank Basile
Owen Baumann
Jacob Baumgartner
Caden Beckwith
Lenard Bendo
Paul Benvenuto
Alexander Birle
Brandan Bonds
Cole Borden
Michael Brady
John Branch
Peter Bria
Daniel Byers
Ian Carroll
Damien Charleston
John Chindlund
Mark Cole
Jesse Corona Auroza
Wesley Davis
John DeRuntz
Carter Dierlam
Michael Drabelle
Jonathan Eby
Harrison Evans
James Fibbe
Cole Finley
Brayden Fiorillo
Joel Gaffney
Rudolf Gruenke
Brice Harlan
Barry Harmer
Luke Helsel
James Herrick
Luke Higgins
Andrew Hoggan
Hagan Hollinger
Jake Holmquest
William Hones
Grayton Hudson
Donald Hults
Walter Jenkins
Arthur Keegan
George Knox
Scott Krueger
Nicholas Latsis
Mason Lego
Ian Lidster
Eric Ma
William Mabry
Joseph Macris
Grant Martin
Andrew Martinez
Thomas Masters
Brock McKelvey
Ethan McKinney
Brenden Moore
Jacob Morris
Jonah Mudse
Daniel Newell
Thomas Ortiz
James Parrish
Hayden Phillips
Scott Preston
Connor Ramsey
Austin Richards
Zachary Roberts
Max Robins
Oscar Rockwell
Max Roth
Yaroslav Sakharov
John Santander
Tristan Saultz
Luke Schave
Lee Schneider
Zachary Shafer
Robert Shook
Nicholas Shurley
Nathaniel Smith
William St. George
Joey Stephens
Keith Stubbebine
Steven Syrett
Noah Terminella
Liam Tipton
Peter Todd
Matthew Troy
Ethan Urbanowicz
Thomas Waldrop
Alex Weddle
Zachary Wentz
Nathan Wessel
Gregory Wright
Brecken Yeo
Phillip Young

Recruiting and Sales:

Hassan Ahmed
Stephen Backer
John Branch
Lenard Bendo
Vinney Blum
John Branch
Ian Carroll
David Cox
Dominic Deverse
Kevin Dezagottis
Michael Ertrmann
Joe Ferguson
Rudolf Gruenke
Carter Hart
Marc Isabella
Arthur Keegan
Keegan Lehman
John Matthews
Eathan McKinney
Aaron Neiger
Colin Nelson-Pinkston
Miccah Peterson
Austin Richards
Tanner Sanford
Owen Sherman
Keith Stubblebine
Luke Verst

Essentials in Finance:

John Branch
Harrison Evans
Nathan Gray
Rudulf Gruenke
Eric Hartsock
William Jaffee
Bruce Jahncke
Doninick LeBlanc
Samuel Lee
Ethan McKinney
John Mathews
Dylan Mofield
Mason Montgomery
Collin Murphy
Matthew Peipher
Austin Richards

Social Responsibility:

Sean Angelovic
Gavin Arkinstall
John Branch
Vincent Buchholz
Michael Drabelle
James Fibbe
Cole Fredericks
Rudolf Gruenke
Ryan Harris
Nicholas Katsis
Ethan McKinney
Robert Podesta
Zachary Roth
Steven Sekar
Zachary Shafer

Keith Stubblebine
Evan Turner
Peter Todd