The New Learning Experience 

Over the last ten months, we have transformed our learning platform, content, and approach. We have identified what worked in the past and what didn’t, and by centering on the needs of our Brothers, we have reimagined our learning to ensure it drives engagement and builds performance.

Our new, fresh, intuitive and interactive learning platform, Lambda Chi Academy, aims to optimize and enhance the learning experience by creating ease for both instructors and Brothers. By enabling a scalable, uniform approach to learning, we can meet the needs of the Brother.

This exciting platform has the ability to operate on different devices, so Brothers can browse lessons, attend events, write their assessments, network and engage in discussions on the device of their choice.



Academy Overview 

Ideal Man


Enhances the Lambda Chi Alpha experience and maximizes the value of Membership. Find out more here

Stead Leadership College

Transforms professional development resources, functional training, and relevant aspects of the fraternity experience into marketable skills. Find out more here.

A Brand New Platorm

Allows Lambda Chi Alpha Members to be part of a virtual community through social learning. 

Points = Prizes

Learning should be fun, and that's why Brothers earn points every time they learn. And points mean prizes. From exchanging points for individual merchandise to climbing the leaderboard and aiming for a Chapter prize, Brothers and Chapters will be rewarded and recognized. 

Meet Your Cohort Leaders

Through Lambda Chi Academy, students are able to join global cohorts to engage in live online sessions and forge connections with Alumni. Meet your social cohort leaders!