Succeed in the Brotherhood, Succeed in Life

with this revolutionary training from Lambda Chi Alpha that will support collegiate brothers throughout their undergraduate journey and beyond.

As part of the new Lambda Chi Alpha experience, The Ideal Man Program is the new fraternity education program for collegiate brothers focused on personal and professional skill development, designed to maximize the membership experience with four easy-to-access, individualized learning journeys that prepare Brothers for success both during and after college.

With this program, brothers will:

Find Purpose

Starting at the associate member level, all collegiate brothers will have the opportunity to build a foundation and find purpose.

Connect & Belong

Brothers will receive consistent educational content and messaging to bring greater belonging and connectivity through common practices, tasks, and journeys.

Get Tools for Life

Through our various partnerships, we are able to deliver world-class content that offers the critical life-enhancing tools that will last beyond graduation.

Four Phases of Development

(Pre-Initiation) Prepares associate members to understand the governance, financial, and educational models of Lambda Chi Alpha so they can effectively fulfill their roles and responsibilities as Brothers and maximize the full benefits of membership.
Brotherhood: Build Belonging
(Post-Initiation) Prepares members to build effective relationships by developing intrapersonal and interpersonal skills that enable them to better lead themselves and others. *COMING SOON
Personal Development: Build a Vision
Prepares members to understand themselves so they can define their personal vision of success. This stage culminates with the creation of a five-year plan designed to help members navigate early adulthood. *COMING SOON
Professional Development: Build Your Future
(Pre-Graduation) Prepares members to effectively quantify and translate their personal development and leadership experiences as collegiate Brothers to potential employers. *COMING SOON
Ideal Man Chapter Resources
The below resources will help support chapters when implementing Ideal Man. These were created for High Kappas, High Alphas, and any other chapter leader or collegiate brother leading education for their zeta.